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In an ongoing effort to promote the circular economy and support sustainable initiatives, CK Charles Kieffer Group is collaborating with SIVEC (Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Ecologique) on its circular economy project integrated into the Luxembourg education system, with a focus on the reuse of materials.


How does it work in practice?

Recycling and reusing our cardboard boxes:

Our technicians, after unpacking the machines and the parts they receive for our customers, sort the cartons in which they are packed:

  • All small, unflattened cartons are donated as is to the SIVEC: internally, their staff use them to pack crayons (collected from sorting centers, then sorted, cleaned, sharpened and disinfected) to make them available at school collection points.

  • Larger cartons are flattened and given to the SIVEC to be recycled for reuse.


Recyclage, réutilisation de nos cartons Recyclage, réutilisation de nos cartons

A4 paper sheets

For every machine CK sells, our technicians carry out specific print tests to guarantee perfect settings. Print tests are carried out on the front side of the sheet only.

As part of our circular economy approach, we regularly provide SIVEC with several cartons of A4 paper with blank sheets on one side. These sheets are then distributed to schools, maisons relais and crèches for children to draw on.

We also give them office supplies that we no longer use (e.g. binders), which are also made available to schools, maisons relais and crèches.

Resource center objectives:

SIVEC is in the process of transitioning to a Resource Center, with the aim of raising visitor awareness, reducing non-recyclable waste to an absolute minimum, and increasing the quality and collection rate of reusable and recyclable materials. Sivec is the second resource center in Luxembourg and the third in Europe to be awarded RAL Gold certification. This certification guarantees that the materials deposited at Sivec are processed in the spirit of the circular economy and according to clearly defined criteria of quality and transparency.



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