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With Zeendoc,
control your supplier invoice management

 Simplify your daily routine!

facture fournisseur

Zeendoc gives you instant visibility of your situation with your suppliers, improves invoice processing, and enables you to better share and exchange information internally and with suppliers.

   Thursday, January 25, 2024

Welcome from 8:30 am

CK Business Center,
2,rue Léon Laval L-3372 Leudelange
Free parking at the front of the building

Event program
Presentations will be given in French


Welcome with breakfast
(coffee, croissants...)


Presentation and demonstration
of the Zeendoc solution


Q&A and discussion


Free tour of our showroom

capture des des factures fournisseurs

Capturing your supplier documents

It all starts when you receive a document from your supplier, either in paper format by post, or in electronic format by e-mail or downloadable from a supplier platform. There are many ways of depositing your documents (paper, electronic document, invoice-X format, etc.). 

We give you the keys and opportunities to optimize your supplier invoice management.

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